10+ Amazing Facts you should know about Giant Pandas, Part 3

We have misunderstood giant panda bears in large part because they are so ridiculously cute, their baby-like features--- large, low-set eyes and round cheeks, humanlike way of sitting and eating.

Here are interesting panda facts to some frequently asked questions about the giant pandas to help you better understand these enigmatic cuties.

  • Panda Fact 13. Is giant panda vegetarian? 

Giant panda may look like a vegetarian, but they are originally Carnivores, and still have the digestive system of a carnivore, although bamboo is nearly 99% of their diet. Wild giant pandas occasionally eat grasses, tubers, and even meat like birds, rodent and carrion.

A wild panda was videoed turning carnivore and gnawing at the bones of a dead wildebeest in Pingwu County, southwest China's Sichuan Province
  • Panda Fact 14. How do giant pandas grow to such a big size?

The secret is eating more, and sleeping more. Giant pandas spend 98 percent of their time eating and sleeping.
As bamboo has a low nutritional value, a giant panda eats for 10-16 hours each day and consumes 26-84 pounds (12- 38 kilograms) bamboo to afford their normal nutrient supply. The rest of its time is spent mostly sleeping and resting to conserve energy.

(Credit: Amitpande11)
  • Panda Fact 15. Giant panda's favorite food is not bamboo?

    Most of Giant panda bears prefer a kind of panda cake than bamboo. The panda cake is one of the supplements rich in various nutrients, and the special cake is made of corn, soybean, rice, wheat, oat as well as vitamins and minerals pandas need.

    Panda Cake! Yummy! (Credit: goChengdu)

     Panda is enjoying his favorite Panda Cake! (Credit: 金团行长)

    • Panda Fact 16. Giant Pandas get lonely?

    Adult Giant pandas are solitary by nature, they demand large portion of the forest just for themselves because they don’t have enough energy to compete with other pandas for food and territory. The only exception is that the 2 or 3 days mating season in Spring and moms with cub in Autumn.

    Ueno Zoo's giant pandas, female Shin Shin and male Ri Ri, are seen mating (Credit: Ueno zoo)
    • Panda Fact 17. How do they communicate? 

    Giant panda‘s face can’t display facial expression, so they communicate through vocal calls and scent marking.
    Pandas are efficient with their use of chemo-signals, and the secretion announce that a panda is in heat or this is his territory.
    Pandas communicate using a variety of different sounds, like a barking sound (used to intimidate another panda), a goat-like bleating sound (during the reproductive season). Cubs have also been known to make a whimpering sound.

    Baby panda bear says "I need help!"
    Watch this first ever filming of the Panda's innovative method for scenting his territory (Credit: BBC Earth)

    More interesting & fun  Panda bear facts for kids and adults to be continued...

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    10+ Amazing Facts you should know about Giant Pandas, Part 1

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