10+ Amazing Facts you should know about Giant Pandas, Part 1

The giant panda bear has wide spread appeal as cartoon characters and stuffed animal toys among kids, and they’re even the face of the World Wildlife Fund.

What does the first thing that comes to your mind you hear giant panda bear?Like this little cutie? Ah, adorable, fluffy, cuddly?

There are many things that most of you maybe don’t know, so join us right now to learn about these amazing panda facts for kids and adults!

Panda Fact 1. Do you know the current Chinese name for giant panda is wrong?

A long time ago, the giant panda got a formal Chinese name, Da Mao Xiong, literally translate to “Big Cat Bear ”, which means the bears with a cat-like appearance. However a misunderstanding with writing formats has reversed the name to Da Xiong Mao or “Big Bear Cat ”, thus the Common Chinese name Da Xiong Mao(大熊猫), became the norm and remains a Chinese word carrying a wrong identity today.

(Credit: originofalphabet)

Panda Fact 2. The Giant Panda Debate: bear or raccoon?

Did you know that for ages scientists didn't know whether pandas were bears or more closely related to raccoons? Well now DNA studies have shown that the giant panda is a true bear, and part of the Ursidae family. While the red panda is indeed closer to the raccoon family. 

A Giant panda meets a Red Panda (Credit:iPanda熊勒个猫)

Panda Fact 3. Do giant pandas only live in China?

Wild giant pandas were once widespread across eastern and southern China, northern Vietnam and northern Myanmar. However, today they are founded only in south-central China. 

Panda Habitats: Prehistoric range (Brown) and Current range (Red) (Credit: Bowen Li)

Panda Fact 4. Do all giant pandas belong to China?

Yes, China owns almost all the pandas on earth and owns all future offspring of all pandas, with exception that two pandas in Mexico, Xin Xin and Shuan Shuan which are owned by Mexico.

The original pair in Mexico City was sent as a national gift to Mexico by China (Credit: Michael McGraw-Herdeg)

Panda Fact 5. How many giant pandas are there in the world?

A nationwide census in 2014 estimate that 1, 864 giant pandas are living in the wild. By the end of 2017, there were 520 giant pandas living in captivity worldwide. IUCN announced that the giant panda has been taken off its endangered list thanks to decades of conservation efforts.

Panda Fact 6. How long do giant pandas live?

  • it's generally agreed that one human year equals three panda years'

On average wild giant pandas have a relatively short life span which is 15-20 years compared with their captive counterparts (about 20-30 years), and sexually mature at 5.5-6.5 years old.

The oldest captive panda in the world Jia Jia was 38 years old, at the equivalent of 114 years old for a human.

Jia Jia Celebrated her 37th Birthday at Ocean Park in Hong Kong in 2015 (Credit: Kin Cheung)

More interesting & fun Panda facts for kids and adults to be continued...

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    I couldn’t imagine life without panda’s I love them however didn’t know some of those facts. Awesome! ❤🐼

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    Fact 1 The giant pandas are soooo adorable!

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    Wait. What? the baby panda still belongs to China? Seriously?

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