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10+ Amazing Facts you should know about Giant Pandas, Part 3

We have misunderstood giant panda bears in large part because they are so ridiculously cute, their baby-like features--- large, low-set eyes and round cheeks, humanlike way of sitting and eating. Here are interesting panda facts to some frequently asked questions about the giant pandas to help you better understand these enigmatic cuties. Panda Fact 13. Is giant panda vegetarian?  Giant panda may look like a vegetarian, but they are originally Carnivores, and still have the digestive system of a carnivore, although bamboo is nearly 99% of their diet. Wild giant pandas occasionally eat grasses, tubers, and even meat like birds, rodent and carrion. A wild panda was videoed turning carnivore and gnawing at the bones of a dead wildebeest in Pingwu...

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10+ Amazing Facts you should know about Giant Pandas, Part 2

There are many things that came as a genuine surprise to me when I learn more about giant panda bears. I bet you didn’t know most of these cool panda facts- even panda lovers will be surprised! Let’s explore more interesting panda bear facts for the kids and adults. Panda Fact 7. How long has the giant panda been on Earth? The ancestor of today's the giant panda, is called Ailuropoda microta. And the latest research shows that the oldest known ancestor of the giant panda lineage lived about 11.6 million years ago in what is now Spain. The formal scientific description of the species, published in 1870s. Illustration: H Milne-Edwards and A Milne-Edwards. Panda Fact 8. Who introduced the giant pandas to the...

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10+ Amazing Facts you should know about Giant Pandas, Part 1

The giant panda bear has wide spread appeal as cartoon characters and stuffed animal toys among kids, and they’re even the face of the World Wildlife Fund. What does the first thing that comes to your mind you hear giant panda bear?Like this little cutie? Ah, adorable, fluffy, cuddly? There are many things that most of you maybe don’t know, so join us right now to learn about these amazing panda facts for kids and adults! Panda Fact 1. Do you know the current Chinese name for giant panda is wrong? A long time ago, the giant panda got a formal Chinese name, Da Mao Xiong, literally translate to “Big Cat Bear ”, which means the bears with a cat-like...

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